David-Andersen, 100 år i Norsk Gullsmedkunst (100 years in Norwegian Goldsmithry)


Author: Jan-Lauritz Opstad
Title: David-Andersen, 100 år i Norsk Gullsmedkunst (David-Andersen, 100 years in Norwegian Goldsmithry)
Published by The David-Andersen firm and the Oslo Museum of Applied Art
Year of publicaton: 1976
Language(s): Norwegian/English

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David-Andersen 100 years in Norwegian Goldsmithry

About the book:
This rare book was published in 1976 to mark the occation of the 100 year anniversary of the David-Andrsen firm, and has been out of print since the early 80ies. It takes you on a fact filled journey into one of the most prominent companies of silver and gold artistry in Norwegian Scandinavian Design.

127 pages
10 by 7 5/8 inches
101 illustrationes in both black/white and color
In depth review of the design trends/major designers works for D-A
All comments to the illustrationes are English and Norwegian
The history of the firm is in English and Norwegian
Overview of most stamps/hallmarks/signatures used over the years
Jewelry, cutlery and hollow-ware
Vita/achievements of the most prominent designers of the firm
Vita/achievements of the artists in the family running the firm since the start in 1876.

Among the illustrationes are the works of
Ivar David-Andersen
Thorbjorn Lie-Jorgensen
Guttorm Gagnes
Harry Sorby
Agnar Skrede
Uni David-Andersen
Marianne Berg
Bjorn Sigurd Ostern
Unn Tangerud
Erik Blom
Toril Bjorg
Arthur David-Andersen