Millie Behrens

Millie Behrens (b. 1958)

The high quality designs of Millie Behrens for David-Andersen has brought the company into a new era of up to date fashionable jewelry, and enphesized the David-Andersen companys position as one of the leading Scandinavian jewelry producers.

Behrens has been working with David-Andersen since 1992. Her works features enamel jewelry with a monochrome pallet in distinctive color, as well as modernistic gold jewelry with diamonds. Her designs are typical in the Scandinavian geometric tradition of jewelry, bringing it into a fruitful meeting with the esthetics of minimalism. In her most resent works she also brings contrasting humoristic elements as traditional cameo women into the game.

Millie Behrens was educated at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) Oslo, Norway 1978-83. She has also studied at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Canada and Haystack Mountain School of Art, Maine, USA. Her jewelry can be seen in museums in Scandinavia and Germany. She was awarded the Award for Good Design in Norway, 1997.