Erik Blom

Erik Blom (1932-2020)

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Erik Blom-Nielsen was educated in the tradition of Scandinavian Design in the fifties. After finnishing studies at the Goldsmith Academy 1953 he worked with the Georg Jensen company as a silversmith and designer. 1960-65 Blom-Nielsen lived in the US and designed for Jostein and Oneida Silver. He then returned to Denmark to start a design studio of his own.

Erik Blom
Pendant, silver, 1970s.

In 1972 he started working with a nother of the leading Scandinavian companies of silver production: David-Andersen in Oslo, Norway. Amongst his jewelry are some striking big scale pieces with organic forms and a clear connection to the Scandinavian design era. The idea of these pieces was to let the forms bring forth the lustre of the silver. Erik BlomHe also contributed in creating a new David-Andersen style with a characteristic look of the 1970s. Together with the young and successful silversmith Toril Bjorg he made a series of jewelry with brightly colored enamel in green, orange and violet.

After a few years of designing for David-Andersen, Blom-Nielsen left the company in 1975 to once again work on his own. He had now changed his name to Erik Blom. He ran a small design workshop in Oslo until he returned to David-Andersen for a second time in the early 1980s.