Bracelet by Taidehopea, Turku/Åbo, Finland


By: Taidehopea, Turku/Åbo, Finland
Year: 1959
Hallmarks: EB [crown in heart] 818H [city mark for Turku/Åbo] F7 T
Material(s): Silver with Moonstone
Largest inner diameter: 2 3/4 inches, adjustable

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Silver bracelet with moonstone by Taidehopea. Fabulous piece with an exciting history that turned a history of Finnish jewelry.

History of the piece:

The name Taidehopea means silver art. The company started up in the city of Turku in Finland in 1959, and closed down just a few years later in 1963, after a legal dispute concerning copyright infringement. The bracelet with a cabochon shaped stone and an elegant  closure, produced by Taidehopea was deemed to be a copy of a bracelet designed by the well known jewelry artist Elis Kauppi in 1953 for his company Kupittaan Kulta, which was exhibited at Artek’s avantgardist exhibition the same year.

In the Supreme Court commuications from 1962 the drawings for the bracelet produced by Taidehopea is said to have been made by Jukka Vilhelm Kujanpää, with Otso Ilmari Nurmi and Eino Erik Blomqvist as responsable for the company’s production. When Taidehopea was closed down Blomqvist’s hallmark EB, used for the production at Taidehopea, was transfered to the jewelry wholesale company Korutukku where it was in use until 1982.

This Silver bracelet with moonstone by Taidehopea made an interesting turn in Finnish jewelry history.