Neckring with pendant by Døla-Sølv Smie


By: Døla-Sølv Smie, Fåvang, Norway
Hallmarks pendant: EMRO Norway 925 S
Hallmarks neckring: EMRO 925 S
Material(s): Silver with stone
Pendant length: 3 5/16 inches
Neckring width (widest point): 4 3/4 inches

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Neckring with pendant by Døla-Sølv Smie, silver with a stone. The piece is in an eruptive design. It is  delicately executed in what appears as a single floating piece of silver, running in an eruptive, organic shape that comes forth as both thoufgt through and designed, and spontaneous and natural. Scandinavian Mid Century Modern Jewelry studio piece of jewelry.