Bracelet “Salamander” by Björn Weckström for Lapponia


By: Björn Weckström (Bjorn Weckstrom) for Lapponia, Helsinki, Finland
Name of design: ‘Salamander’
Year: 1975
Hallmarks: [crown in heart][Maker’s mark for Lapponia] 925 X7 Lapponia
Material(s): Silver with acrylic
Largest inner diameter: 2 9/16 inches

Artist info – Björn Weckström (BWE)

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Salamander by Björn Weckström for Lapponia. Made in silver and acrylic, the designer has created a wonderful example of his characteristic Space Age jewelry from Finland’s golden age of silver Mid Century Modern jewelry.

Artist info – Björn Weckström (BWE)