Arno Malinowski (1899-1976)

Arno Mailnowski was a Danish sculptor. He was educated as engraver at S. Lindahl’s in 1919.  He studied at the Academy of Arts School of sculptoring in Copenhagen 1919-1922.

He went straight on to work for the Royal Copenhagen Porcelaine Factory, where he stayed until 1935. He took a position as teacher at the School of Applied Arts (Copenhagen) 1934-1939, and worked at Georg Jensen both 1936-1944 and 1949-1965.

Malinowski was a versatile designer, applying various materials, such as as paper, clay, silver, bronze, and porcelain. At Georg Jensenhe created jewelry, hollowware, and flatware. With his eye for the possibilities offered by the various materials he was a true exponent of the Art Deco period. This style draws on a.o. Japanese and Egyptian styles, and this also seems preeminent in Malinowskis work.

When Denmark became occupied to foreign powers in 1940 he designed that which became the visible sign of resistance and devotion to king and country. It was  the momogram of HM King Christian X on the occation of his birthday September 26th 1940, shortly after the arrival of the invading forces.

Malinowski was awarded a silver medal at the Paris World Fair in 1925, and he received the Eckersberg medal in 1933.

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